Bed and Breakfest in Barneveld, NY

30 years ago, a young girl from Pittsburgh received orders for her first duty station. She was thrilled to find out that she was on her way to England to serve her first tour in the Air Force. A year later she met a young English national working on base. As they prepared thousands of meals for their military family at Royal Air Force Alconbury, they would soon realize that it was their destiny to start a family of their own. Together they embarked on an adventure of a lifetime spanning locations in England and the U.S. Hospitality was the foundation of their relationship, and they were obsessed with a dream to one day own their own business.

The pursuit of a place to grow roots and seek out a potential business took them up and down the east coast. They knew they had to have the right setting in an area that spoke to them, with enough charm to settle their traveling hearts. The search was over when they came to Barneveld to see the Sugarbush Bed & Breakfast. Central New York had the right feel, an amazing conglomerate of nationalities, a welcoming area with abundant resources to draw in clientele. The house itself was the definitive key. There was no doubt that this had to be the place.

Laura and Robert met with the previous owner, Mrs. Maryann (Molly) Mahanna. After raising her 10 children in this 9-bedroom house, she ran it as a Bed & Breakfast for 15 years and hosted several weddings on the beautiful 7-acre property. Molly spent hours with Laura & Robert telling them the original history of this amazing house built in 1805. Molly had a sparkle in her eye as she spoke to Laura while Robert was being led around by Molly's son Justin who shared some of his childhood memories of his pet duck and the adventures he would get into with all of his siblings. Justin's wife Trisha said Molly was known for her creative breakfast dishes that she put together with simple ingredients.

The Perrys are thrilled to be the new Innkeepers and asked Molly if she would mind if they changed the name and added a touch of their own flair. With Molly's blessing, the new owners updated the interior of this fabulous house and came up with a new name. Laura realized in her first autumn season that the house was surrounded by beautiful Gold Maple trees. The old Sugarbush B&B, having a history that also involves the Maple, will still be reflected in the new name: The Golden Maple Tree Inn.

Laura and Rob invite you to join them for one of their monthly scheduled events, where you can play a part in a Murder Mystery, or join them on a tour of the Adirondacks or the Finger Lakes. Perhaps you are looking for a venue for a destination wedding that doesn't require a passport? Or maybe you are looking for a peaceful break to refresh your soul. Book a room for a quiet week away and enjoy the comfortable serenity on this peaceful property. Whatever you're looking for, from inspiration to celebration, your needs will be met by the hospitable duo.